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Lean Gain 3Kg

£65.99 £45.99
Kinetica Lean Gain range of shakes contain a carefully-developed mix of protein formula, Creapure® (99.99% pure creatine monohydrate), carbohydrates and the digestive enzyme Aminogen® to help you build body mass and lean muscle tissue.

Available in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate varieties, with no artificial colours or flavours used, Kinetica Lean Gain has been developed by leading sports scientists to help you achieve your desired muscle mass in a controlled fashion. Contains 32g of Biotein™ Xtreme whey protein formula per serving for muscle growth and repair ◦ Whey protein concentrate enriched with organic virgin coconut oil for improved energy storage and stamina;

-Creapure® supplies the body with physical and mental energy during exercise, improving performance in by 15% - 30%
-Aminogen® boosts lean muscle growth by increasing amino acid levels before and after exercise and improving nitrogen retention. Also encourages comfortable protein digestion.
-Supplemented with L-Glutamine to ensure that the body’s natural resources are replenished after exercise, aiding muscle repair and maintenance.
-Tri-carb formula promotes phased energy release.
-Maltodextrin boosts energy levels in the short-term and helps deliver amino acids to the muscles quickly, helping growth and recovery.
-Low-GI Palatinose™ and oats provide energy over a longer period of time, helping weight management and keeping energy levels.

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