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Natural Whey 2.27kg

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Reflex Nutrition Natural Whey gives you the pure protein and BCAAs you need without any of the rubbish. It can be difficult to consume enough good healthy protein to build the muscle mass you crave - Natural Whey provides your body with the high doses of protein, amino acids and BCAAs in an easily digestible form.

Reflex Nutrition Natural Whey has one of the highest biological values of any protein supplement on the market due to its excellent amino acid profile, protein fraction content and superior digestibility. Completely free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourings, Natural Whey contains the highest concentration of Branch Chain Amino Acids compared to other protein sources. This high concentration is vital because B.C.A.A''s are used predominantly for muscle metabolism and energy.

Natural Whey, like Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey, has a special Digezyme enzyme complex designed to enhance protein digestion. This ultimately provides for a significant increase in absorption efficiency, which in turn leads to more amino acids for muscle growth and repair.

Importantly you will not find any added carbohydrates, you just get 100% Whey Protein which on average contains an extra 5-8% more protein than other leading brands.

Amount Per 25g Serving

Energy: 417kJ/93.8kcal
Protein: 19.5g
Total Carbohydrate: 1g
Total Fat: 1.7g
Sodium: 55mg
Potassium: 293mg
Digezyme: 40mg

Other Ingredients

Microfiltered whey protein concentrate & cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate (43% B-lactoglobulin, 18% Glycomacropeptide, 16% Lactoferrin & others, 15% Lactalbumin, 5% Immunoglobulin, 3% Bovine serum albumin), glycine, natural flavourings, natural colourings, digezyme (digestive enzyme blend)

Directions For Use

Take 2 measures (approx 25g) and mix with 400ml water or milk.

Please note image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the product description.
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